Tax Admin App

Common trouble shooting queries answered and a guide to setup and how to use the Tax Admin App

Set up


What happens once I have registered?

You will be asked to activate your Plugin Tax Admin account and set a password.  Once          done, you will be asked to log in and redirected to Stripe to add payment details for your monthly billing.

And once I have added my payment details?

You will be asked to add your Client List/s ID to the App and then link to the IRD via MyIR to approve the connection.  Please make sure that you add the number without hyphens eg. 123567901 rather than 123-567-901.

How do I find my Client List ID?

  • log in to XPM
  • go to Business → Settings → Client Settings → Tax Agent
  • click on the practice name (in blue)
  • scroll down to Agent connection information; 

What if I enter a client list ID incorrectly?

You will be able to remove an incorrectly added client by clicking the ‘remove’ tab; 

How long until the letters arrive on the app/IRD linking is complete?

This takes on average 30 minutes per 1000 clients.  A completed notification pop-up will show on the screen and the App user will be notified via an email from

What happens if I leave or close the page during linking?

The IRD connection will continue as normal - on reopening the page, you will be able to see if the connection is still in progress or has been completed.

How often do the letters update?
The letters update every working day. 

What if the number of letters does not match the number in MyIR?

This might be because the IRD has issues the previous day; our system has a 'reset' time frame which will pull through any missed letters from when the IRD system was down. The missing letters will be on the App from the next downland.

If the missing letter/s is not there the next working day, please get in touch with our support team on or 0800 800 046.


Use of App


How do I view the letters?

  • Once set up is complete, you will automatically be logged in to the ‘inbox’ under ‘tax admin’; 

  • To view the letter, click on the letter itself and it will open as a PDF. This can then be sent on to the relevant person as required 
  • If you want to send the letter to the App user, in this instance Beth, click on ’Send to▼’ and select ‘Accountant’; 
  • The letters that have the default ‘archived’ setting can be found under the archived tab on the left-hand side;
  • To view the letter, click on the letter itself and it will open as a PDF
  • To unarchive and put the letter back into the inbox, click on ‘Unarchive’
  • It will then show in the inbox 
Can I change these settings?

All letters in Essentials (Version 1.1) are preset to either Inbox or Archive. 

There is a bulk archive function allowing you to quickly and easily archive a large number of letters in one go.  You can sort by date, entity or letter.

Click on the selected letters on the left hand side, go to 'Send selected to' and click 'Archive':


I’ve not been billed yet - why not?

You will be billed monthly on your sign-up date according to the IRD numbers we have for you on that day. In effect, you are paying in arrears for the previous month’s letters based on sign up date.

What are your billing terms?

Our terms and conditions can be found here; 

terms and conditions

What if I want to cancel?

Please contact us on or call us on 0800 800 046. You can find our cancellation policy in our Terms and Conditions here; 

terms and conditions


How do I change my user logon email address?

Please email us at to change your user log on - we will need your current user email address and the one you would like us to change it to.  Once changed, the new email address will be sent an activation email.

What if I have multiple staff who need to view the App?

If you have multiple users, please set up a generic email address and password for those users. Multiple user functionality will be released in the Pro version coming early 2024.

How do I get in touch with you if I need further assistance?  Please contact our friendly support team on or calling us on 0800 800 046.